Understanding the registration process when buying a property

  1. Transferring Attorney receives copy of signed Deed of Sale.

  2. Open file and perform Deeds Office searches on property and parties.

  3. Telephonic contact with Agent, Seller and Purchaser to discuss transaction; letters of confirmation sent to parties; request copies of FICA- and other documents to be furnished.

Next step
  1. Request cancellation figures and title deed from existing bondholder (7-14 days).

  2. Apply for property rates / levy / homeowner association clearance figures (4-5 days).

Next step
  1. Receive notification of bond approval and prepare transfer documents.

  2. Receive cancellation figures on existing bond and title deed. Peruse existing title deed and prepare new title deed.

  3. Receive property rates / levy / home-owners association clearance figures.

Next step
  1. Request guarantees from bond attorneys (14-20 days).

  2. Seller and Purchaser signs transfer documents; discuss finances. Obtain payment of costs from Purchaser.

  3. Pay transfer duty (1-2 days).

  4. Pay outstanding property rates / levies; obtain clearance certificate/s (5-6 days).

Next step
  1. Receive guarantees from bond attorneys.

  2. Forward guarantees to cancellation attorneys.

  3. Cancellation attorneys forwards guarantees to bank to sign Consent to Cancellation (3-4 days).

  4. Cancellation bank signs consent; returns to cancellation attorneys.

Next step
  1. Arrange lodgment with bond and cancellation attorneys.

  2. Lodge documents in Deed Office (± 8-9 business days).

  3. Documents examined at all levels in Deeds Office.

Next step
  1. Documents on preparation in Deeds Office; check finances.

  2. Registration takes place as soon as the transferring, bond and cancellation attorneys are authorised to do so by the parties and bank/s.

  3. Guarantees submitted for payment.

Next step
  1. On receipt of payment, prepare settlement accounts for Seller and Purchaser; make payment to Seller, Purchaser and Agent.

  2. Notify municipality / managing agent / homeowners association of registration; request refund of surplus monies.

Next step
  1. Receive delivery of title deed from Deeds Office (± 2 months).

  2. Deliver title deed and mortgage bond to bank (or to Purchaser if no bond).

  3. Receive acknowledgement of receipt from bank / Purchaser.

  4. Receive refund of property rates from municipality (10-12 months); pay over pro-rata Seller.

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Registration Process Document